Virtual CTO

We understand that as a small business owner you want to ensure that the business is heading in the right direction. You may not have the time, resources or even the knowledge to envision a technology solution and to manage its implementation. Hiring a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is expensive and comes with a lot of additional overheads. This is where Orion Network Solution’s virtual CTO service is a perfect fit.

Orion’s Virtual CTO will cover all your technology needs, working as an IT partner, not as an outsourced provider. The Virtual CTO will serve the comprehensive needs of your business in the full range of the business cycle by aligning IT and business goals so that technology no longer just serves the business but helps it grow. The Virtual CTO will not suggest the implementation of just any new technology because everyone has it. But rather, will assess how the technology can create advantage specifically for your business.

Virtual CTO Offerings:

  • IT Architecture – The Virtual CTO service will translate your real business needs into cutting-edge and new technology. We will evaluate your current enterprise applications and provide solutions to enhance it for more user productivity.
  • Setting up Roadmap – Our Virtual CTO will go through a discovery phase to learn your short term & long term business plan, and help develop a custom IT one, three and five year roadmap to help you meet your goals.
  • IT Operations – We’ll leverage the Virtual CTO service to implement highly redundant infrastructure services and policies that will enable your business to run day-to-day IT Operations smoothly.
  • Security – Orion’s Virtual CTO will implement policies and analyze risk that will ensure your IT network is in compliance with current security standards, which will enable protection against hackers, malware’s and any unauthorized access to the company networks.
  • Disaster Recovery – Virtual CTO will architect and roll out procedures to backup your mission critical data – either by backing up your data to a local repository or to an industry approved remote location.
  • Vendor Management – Orion’s Virtual CTO will help you identify and manage IT vendors that will meet your specific business needs. Our approach will result in controlling costs and removing day-to-day hassle so you can focus on your business.
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